The ultimate option in making a box truly yours. We have access to an 80W laser engraver that gives us the ability to cut artwork into boxes in incredible detail. Either from artwork you provide or from stock images, the possibilities are truly endless. We also have a selection of colors that can be used to fill in the engraved image to create a vibrant image.

What is required

The artwork for engraving should be at least 300dpi black and white. The more of the prep work you do, the less we have to charge you. It's always amazing how easily even minor tweaks to artwork eat up a lot of time. Here are details on how to prepare your artwork. There are a lot of potential details to work out here, so expect this to take several emails as we double check everything.

What does it cost?

The cost will vary considerably with the amount and size of the engraving. Generally, they'll start at about $15 for a basic engraving on a lid and go up from there if they're large. Color filling starts around $5 per engraving.

What colors can it be filled with?

We currently stock: Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Gold, Silver, Brass, and Copper as fill colors.

How does color fill work?

First the piece is covered with an adhesive masking paper, then the pattern is engraved through the paper. The color is then applied over the masking paper, filling in the engraved pattern. (Think putty knife, not paint brush). After the color dries, the masking paper is removed.

A custom box done for the 2006 Chicago Kotei
A box branded with the Ratling mon and with an honor counter lid
A box made of purpleheart and avoidre, branded with the Unicorn Mon on the lid.
A box done in crab clan colors with a mon counter lid.
A box done in dragon clan colors with a mon counter lid.