We recently added woodburning to the options available at customcardboxes.com. So now you can take your favorite line art and have it burned into your box. This gives even more possibilities than ever. Some examples of stock and custom woodburning we've done are below. Stock options are available as upgrades in our our web store.

Basic Text

We can burn text onto a box, providing a very cost effective way to customize your box. Prices vary with the size of the lettering and the nature of woodburning doesn't let us do all fonts, but we'll work with you to create the look you're after.

Remember, these are burned by hand so your piece will be unique. Unless you're buying a completed piece it may vary from the example shown.

Dawn of the Spider

spider's weber box back This custom piece was presented at "The Spider's Weber" 2008 GenCon dinner. The front has the event title, the back has a woodburned "Dawn of the Spider" image in a padauk box (oil/shellac finish).

A basic spider web is relatively simple to do- adding the spider mon at the bottom made this a little more challenging.

The Jade Hand and other Mons

woodburned Jade Hand logo This stock figure is available in our web store Shown burned in unfinished walnut.

Got a mon you want on a box, but it's not one we have a brand for? We can usually woodburn any mon onto a box. For an example, check out the custom Yoritomo's alliance box where the fox, wasp, and centipede mons were woodburned and the mantis mon branded.

Dragons, Fairies, and Samurai

The possibilities here are endless. If you've got an idea, email us and we'll work with you to make it into a reality.

A custom box done for the 2006 Chicago Kotei
A box branded with the Ratling mon and with an honor counter lid
A box made of purpleheart and avoidre, branded with the Unicorn Mon on the lid.
A box done in crab clan colors with a mon counter lid.
A box done in dragon clan colors with a mon counter lid.