Some examples of storage boxes we've done in the past.

If you don't see what you had in mind here, contact us and we'll work with you to create a design that meets your needs.

These boxes are all custom- if you see something you like but it's not quite perfect, contact us and we can adapt it. Likewise, if you have an idea you don't see here contact us and we'll make your dream a reality.

A custom card storage box in bubinga and yellowheart. Sized to hold over 3000 cards in sleeves, with a special section for oversized cards. ;

A single row box with box joints and a custom engraving on the lid. It's designed to hold 1000 cards in sleeves and is approximately 21" long.

A storage box done in figured walnut and curly maple, with "Cube" engraved in a gothic font inside the lid.

A briefcase style storage box in walnut with a leather handle and rings for a shoulder strap. This box included custom dividers and a removable tray for dice and counters.

A custom card storage box in cocobolo and laser engraved. Sized to hold over 1000 cards in sleeves. 3 rows inside, approximately 9" x 9"

A single row storage box in walnut, with the alternate mana symbols engraved on the lid.

A custom box done for the 2006 Chicago Kotei
A box branded with the Ratling mon and with an honor counter lid
A box made of purpleheart and avoidre, branded with the Unicorn Mon on the lid.
A box done in crab clan colors with a mon counter lid.
A box done in dragon clan colors with a mon counter lid.