The options for woods to use in your box are almost endless. The samples below are all pictures of actual stock used in making boxes, and all are unfinished. As every piece of wood is unique, your box will be different from the wood shown. On request we can also find highly figured versions of the woods shown.

Some woods, like bloodwood, will merely deepen their color and sheen when finished. Others, like Mahogany or Lacewood can look completely different after the finish highlights the grain differences. .

The woods are shown here unfinished. Some can change dramatically when finished. (Padauk looks orange in the picture below. When finished it will be a bright red). If you're not familiar with how a wood will look when finished, please contact us and we'd be glad to help you with your selection.

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All the options making your head spin? We have a number of finished boxes available for sale. Just go to our web store .All the major clans are up there, along with as-yet-unfinished boxes that you can customize- add your mon, upgrade the lid, or add an extra lid so you can use one box for two (or more) clans.

Avoidre An almost white wood with a smooth grain. Often used to accent another wood. Moderately priced. Avoidre Sample Image
Ash A common yellow-brown wood with an open grain. Works easily and is inexpensive. Ash Sample Image
Beech A light colored wood with occasional streaks of dark color. Generally inexpensive. Beech Sample Image
Bloodwood Appropriately named, this striking red wood can be difficult to work because of its brittleness. Finishes beautifully with oil or wax. Quite expensive. Bloodwood Sample Image
Bubinga A purplish, hard exotic wood often has highly figured grain including "waterfall" patterns. Relatively expensive. Bubinga Sample Image
Cherry The pinkish hue you see will turn a rich red when finished with oil. (Not the nearly black often sold as a cherry stain) Darkens with age if exposed to light. A classic domestic wood whose cost is reasonable. Cherry Sample Image
Cocobolo This exotic wood has a is extremely dense and has a natural oil. It can be anywhere from red to yellow in color (often mixed in beautiful patterns). Hard to work and very expensive. Picture Coming soon
Curly Maple The highly figured version of Maple, the striking figure of this wood makes it two to three times the cost of regular maple. Cherry Sample Image
Lacewood Named for its striking figure this wood will darken when finished, highlighting the differences in the grain. Relatively soft, easy to work, relatively expensive. Lacewood Sample Image
Mahogany Many species of wood are called Mahogany. Generally brown with straight grain. Easy to work and moderately priced to expensive depending on the variety. Mahogany Sample Image
Maple This almost white wood is a common domestic hardwood. Easy to work, finishes to an off-white. Maple Sample Image
Mesquite A rich brown wood that is relatively hard, not too difficult to work, but quite expensive. Finishes to a rich brown color. Mesquite Sample Image
Osage Orange A brilliant golden color that has a beautiful "depth" or "3d" look to it. In my opinion, the perfect wood for a Lion clan box. This wood is very hard, making it somewhat difficult to work. Moderately priced. Picture Coming soon.
Padauk While it looks orange here since it's unfinished, this dense exotic will turn a bright red when an oil finish is applied. Works reasonably well and is relatively expensive. Padauk Sample Image
Poplar A generally white, straight grained wood, this domestic can have sections of bright green color. Light, easy to work and inexpensive. Picture Coming Soon
Purpleheart This dense exotic is generally straight grained with a rich purple color. Some species will darken with age, others may turn brown. (I try to get the species that darken their purple). Reasonably priced, somewhat brittle when working. Purpleheart Sample Image
Redheart A lighter red than bloodwood, this exotic is easier to work and shows more figure. Redheart Sample Image
Red Oak Perhaps the most well known hardwood, this brown domestic works well and is reasonably priced. Red Oak Sample Image
Walnut The greyish hue you see shown will become a beautiful rich brown when finished. A classic domestic hardwood for its reasonable price, beautiful color, and ease of work. Walnut Sample Image
Wenge Nearly black with a straight, very open grain. This exotic is dense and difficult to work. Relatively expensive Picture Coming Soon
Yellowheart Lighter in weight and color than Osage orange, this exotic wood easier is softer and easier to work. Reasonably priced Yellowheart Sample Image
Zebrawood Like lacewood, the figure of this wood gave it its name. Rather hard and dense, this exotic wood is relatively hard to work and very expensive. Zebrawood Sample Image
Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us and we'll order the wood for your custom box. For more ideas of what woods are available try Hearne Hardwoods or Woodworkers Source
A custom box done for the 2006 Chicago Kotei
A box branded with the Ratling mon and with an honor counter lid
A box made of purpleheart and avoidre, branded with the Unicorn Mon on the lid.
A box done in crab clan colors with a mon counter lid.
A box done in dragon clan colors with a mon counter lid.