Honor Counter Cards

Unicorn Honor Counter Card in SycamoreWe're happy to announce the availability of another great option for players- Honor Counter Cards. These cards feature the clan mon of your choice under a cribbage-style honor counter, are the size of a regular card (2.5" by 3.5"), and count from -19 to 79. Priced at only $6 including shipping (within the US) they make for a very economical way to show off your clan pride and record your honor. Available in Sycamore (shown), Cherry, Walnut, and Ash and with all the clans we have brands for (spider clan brand is available, just not up in the store yet). We also have pegs available to use with these counters - your choice of aluminum, steel, brass, copper, or black finishes ($0.50 each).

Saki Bottle Honor Counters and Bottle Caps

Just in time for Christmas. Saki bottle honor counters are here, along with "bottle caps" to show off your clan pride. The counters are hand turned so each is unique, then finished and woodburned to count from -20 to +59. Currently available in 6 woods (Maple, Ash, Walnut, Mahogany, Chery and Jatoba shown left to right). Also available in an extra wide "Saki Jug" version if you're concerned about it getting knocked around on a shaky table. Shown with optional bottle caps. The bottles are approximately 0.75" (diam) x 1.875" tall and are $10 each.
six saki bottle honor counters with caps

Show off your clan pride with a bottle cap. These caps fit onto the top of the saki bottle honor counters and are available in 12 colors, some of them laser engraved with a clan mon. Most of the colors are a metallic and have a great three-dimensional look to them. (The Phoenix is one, and the scan below doesn't do it justice). Starting at $1 ea, ($2.50 with a clan mon) they make for a great way to show your clan pride.

crab blue bottlecap crane blue bottlecap lion brown bottlecap lion yellow bottlecap mantis and dragon green bottle cap phoenix orange bottle cap
pink bottlecap scorpion burgandy bottle cap scorpion red bottle cap spider black bottle cap spider white bottle cap unicorn purple bottle cap

Now available in some clans color filled.
crane bottlecap with gold fill crab bottlecap with red fill lion cap with gold fill dragon bottlecap with gold fill
mantis bottlecap with gold fill phoenix bottlecap with gold fill scorpion bottlecap with gold fill unicorn bottlecap with silver fill

Want another color? These are custom cast and almost any color is possible. So contact us and we'll work with you. If you'd like a clan mon engraved in a different color than what we normally carry, let us know and we'll try to get it in with the next batch we do. We're also working on getting the other mons color filled. Available fill colors are white, black, red, green, gold, silver, and bronze.

A custom box done for the 2006 Chicago Kotei
A box branded with the Ratling mon and with an honor counter lid
A box made of purpleheart and avoidre, branded with the Unicorn Mon on the lid.
A box done in crab clan colors with a mon counter lid.
A box done in dragon clan colors with a mon counter lid.